Protecting Your Car’s Paint

Keep Your Vehicle Protected and Appealing Cars are the closest possession to an extension of ourselves. A nice and clean look can say a lot about the owner. One of the biggest contributors to a car’s look is the paint job. Maintaining your paint can keep it looking like a new car, which not only […]

The Cost of Bumper Repairs

What You Should Know About Bumpers The most common auto body repair is done to the bumpers, which is a good thing because they are designed to protect the rest of your car during collisions. While a broken bumper can be lived with, it can look better and give you the full protection it is […]

Types of Hail Damage

Was Your Car Damaged By Hail? The summer’s hail storm season usually catches vehicle owners off guard, driving or parking on the street without sufficient cover. Hail damage repair is something owners usually want to receive as soon as possible. The majority of drivers think that those tiny round dents left by the hail’s impact […]

Prepping for New Paint Service

Three Easy Steps! A new paint job is the next best thing to having a new car. That new fresh coat and finish provide a luster that keeps you looking and feeling like a million bucks. The auto body service experts at Texas 6 Collision in Houston, TX are here to reverse any cosmetic damages […]