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Even a minor collision can put a major bump in your vehicle's bumper, appearance, or safety. Bumper damage may seem like no big deal at first because you can still drive with a crack, right? Texas 6 Collision wants drivers to know that bumper repair is indeed something to take seriously. A compromised bumper won't effectively protect the important things inside your car -- the parts and the passengers! Easily accessible to all the greater Houston area, we're conveniently located at 1630 Highway 6 South between the Westpark Tollway and Interstate 10. Give us a call at 832-850-6374 or use our handy online scheduling tool to make your appointment for bumper repair.

What Exactly Do Bumpers Do

Once upon a time, auto bumpers were mainly for appearance. Early models were usually steel bars, but most manufacturers turned to flashy chrome accessories. Today, bumpers have much less to do with flash than with function and safety. Most passenger cars now include a standard bumper. These are typically plastic and painted the color of your auto, concealing shock absorbing materials (styrofoam, "egg crate" foam, etc.) inside. Small trucks, often customized, may have a roll pan bumper that can be used with a center hitch. As the name suggests, cowboy bumpers have a noticeable appearance and are tough enough to tow a heavy load. Finally, some offroad (particularly Jeep) enthusiasts ditch any attempts at beauty in favor of the functionality of tube bumpers which protect the vehicle well but have no plastic covering to hide them. Your vehicle's bumpers are designed to protect the vehicle from major structural damage in a low-impact collision and to enhance your safety in a harder impact by absorbing a great deal of the shock instead of transferring it to the occupants.

Bumper Repairs

Once the industry edged away from the notion of bumpers as only pretty accessories, automakers had to follow federal standards. Bumpers must withstand crash test specifications to be deemed effective and legal. So where is the line between bumper damage that’s safe to keep driving with and damage that needs professional repair? A minor scratch that only removes some paint may be easily buffed or touched up with matching paint. But a cracked or crushed area usually necessitates replacement. If you’re not sure how severe the damage on your bumper is, then contact our team. We would be happy to assess the damage and give you a quote for repairs. Regardless of the make, model, or repair you need, you can entrust your vehicle to the experts at Texas 6 Collision in Houston, Texas.

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