The Cost of Bumper Repairs

What You Should Know About Bumpers

The most common auto body repair is done to the bumpers, which is a good thing because they are designed to protect the rest of your car during collisions. While a broken bumper can be lived with, it can look better and give you the full protection it is intended for should you be unfortunate and have a repeat accident. When considering bumper repairs you have to decide whether the cost is worth it. Often you can live with a few scratches to the paint from some minor contact, but if the bumper is barely hanging on and won’t survive another incident, it’s best to be safe and have it repaired. There are some different types of bumper damages that have corresponding repairs to consider.

Types of Bumper Repairs

As with any damage to your vehicle, there are different levels of repairs that can be made to your bumper:

  • Dents can be superheated to weld the metal and bend it back into place. This is the easiest to do and requires the least amount of work if it can be done without repainting the bumper. It can generally cost anywhere $150-$250 (on average) to get this kind of repair.
  • Repairing dents that require a repaint can be much more expensive. Scrapes or scuffs on the bumper can be fixed by buffing, smoothing with sandpaper, and repainting the area. The typical cost for this type of service is usually averages between $250-350.
  • Cracks or holes in the bumper can be repaired with a filler material that can be smoothed and painted over. These take the most time and resources costing on average $325-$425.

Repair or Replace?

There are several factors that weigh into the cost of having a bumper repaired. Among those are the year, make, and model of the car. Another factor is time and labor that will be required to complete the repair. If you need to have the bumper replaced, you can easily budget at least $500 just for the new bumper. The labor required to install the new bumper will be determined by the shop, and will add to the cost of the part itself. If the cost of bumper repairs exceeds that of getting a new bumper, usually you’ll just get a replacement instead. If you are unsure as to whether your bumper can be repaired, or if it needs to be replaced, call our expert technicians at Texas 6 Collision in Houston, TX today at 832-850-6374 for advice and an estimate.

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