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When you think of ceramics, you may conjure up images of the painted and kiln-fired pottery created by crafters. But did you know ceramic coating means something else for your vehicle? For more information about ceramic coating for your car or any other auto body repair needs, talk with one of the certified specialists at Texas 6 Collision in Houston, Texas. Located at 1630 Highway 6 South, we're easy to find from anywhere in the great Houston area. To schedule an appointment, call us at 832-850-6374 or use our online tool.

What Is It?

Ceramic car coating is a polymer that can be applied to your vehicle to protect your auto's paint. Its properties allow it to bond to your paint, forming a protective new layer between the car's coating and the outside world.

What Can It Do?

Because of its chemical properties, a ceramic coating can do a lot of great things for your vehicle. For example, it can protect your paint from nearly any daily exposure to weather. This includes sun, rain, and oxidation, all factors that can age, fade, or otherwise damage your expensive paint job. Also, because water beads up and runs off the sleek coat, the road grime you encounter and collect on your daily drive slides off with ease, making wash day simple and damage-free as opposed to the need to scrub nasty spots, potentially injuring your clear coat or color in the effort. It can also prevent staining where unwanted agents embed themselves into your paint. Ceramic's greatest advantage is offered to car owners whose paint is in great condition when the product is applied. This is because it is a prevention, not a cure. If your paint is not in great condition, you might want to consider auto paint service with us first!

What Can’t It Do?

For all it's beauty and longevity, ceramic coating can't fix everything. If you already have damage, this product doesn't repair it. Also, while it keeps Mother Nature at bay, it cannot defend against items that cause deep scratches. Further, even though it is excellent at repelling water, it isn't self-drying. Therefore, when water rolls off, there is an opportunity for minute sediment particles to linger behind and dry, which may create visible water spots.

How We Apply It

Although ceramic coating is applied by hand, it isn't a one-step event. Rather, it's a process that must be followed exactly to achieve maximum success. If you purchase a product for home-use, you will need to thoroughly wash your car, use an iron removal product (as directed to avoid fading plastic components), clay painted surfaces to remove minor blemishes and residues, dry the vehicle, machine polish the auto, use oil remover (alcohol based), and apply the ceramic. Before you embark on this project, however, consider the total expense and risk. In addition to purchasing the coating, you will need to purchase multiple other products and equipment. Even following directions, you could accidentally damage your car. Instead, your easier, less risky, and affordable option is to let the professionals at Texas 6 Collision in Houston, Texas, take care of your ceramic coating.

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