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You actively try to protect your vehicle from damage, so when something mars the surface of your car, those dents can seem downright devilish even if they were caused by the most innocent of actions like your kids playing ball in the yard or an encounter with a runaway shopping cart at the supermarket. Your auto, however, is not ruined. The repair specialists at Texas 6 Collision in Houston, Texas, can banish your dent devils. Call us at 832-850-6374 or use our easy online scheduling feature. Then bring your vehicle to our shop at 1630 Highway 6 South near Interstate 10 and the Westpark Tollway.

Choices Made Easy

As you're wondering about which repair method is best for the specific damage to your vehicle, we can help you assess the situation and determine the better route for dent removal--whether that's panel replacement, traditional repair, or paintless method. You can feel confident in our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship, and you'll certainly notice our friendly customer service. And, of course, we always work with you to help you save money on out-of-pocket costs. You'll love the way your vehicle looks without those devilish dents you hate, so bring your bent auto to Texas 6 Collision in Houston, Texas.

The Traditional Method of Dent Repair

As the name suggests, traditional dent repair was historically the only way to smooth out a damaged car's surface. It is still the go-to repair method for major dents that can be repaired without replacing entire panels. This long-standing technique pulls the dent out as much as possible. This will prepare the impacted area so that one of our technicians can move to the next phase of repair. Once the surface, which is still indented to some extent, is prepared for bonding, a collision specialist applies bonding material. We work with the filler to achieve evenness between the damaged spot and the surrounding undamaged sheet metal. The filler material is allowed to dry. Then it is sanded so that it will be smooth and show no surface break between the old and the new. Only after the area is shaped appropriately and refined to the correct texture will the repaired surface be painted to match the rest of the vehicle. We ensure adequate time between steps for drying and curing, as well.

The Paintless Method of Dent Repair

If the dent in your vehicle isn't very large or deep, if the paint is still intact (all present and not cracked), and if the spot isn't on a plastic part such as a bumper, your car may be a candidate for the more modern paintless dent repair. This method is simpler to perform and doesn't require painting, so it takes a lot less time and goes easier on your wallet. If this repair technique proves to be an option for your vehicle, one of our repair experts will ease the indented metal back to its correct location using special tools. Isn't that simple? There's no need to spend time and use supplies in bonding, sanding, or painting. Say goodbye to the lag time required to let materials and paint dry and cure. Thus, your car will be ready to leave the shop sooner with a lower bill if it's a candidate for paintless dent repair.

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