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The Perfect Cover Story: Painting Your Car -- Texas 6 Collision

If your car has been in a collision or if it's not looking as fresh as it once did, you may want a new coat of paint. Taking care of bad car paint is not just a cosmetic service, it also prevents further damage! So when you opt for professional auto painting at Texas 6 Collision in Houston, Texas, you get beautiful results and protection. The best result, however, takes time and proper technique, so it's helpful for you to understand the basics of the process ahead of time. We're here to give you the full picture! Also, it's great to know the reputable go-to collision repair shop in your neighborhood. If you reside in the greater Houston, Texas, area, visit us at 1630 Highway 6 South to discuss how we can help you create the perfect cover story for your ride.

Preparing to Paint

A quality paint job is not achieved in a rush, so it's best to talk through the process with one of our certified collision repair technicians before work begins to understand how long your car will be in the shop. For instance, repairing a small area of exterior damage is quite different than painting the entire car which requires removing the interior (including the dash) and reinstalling it after painting to ensure that all surfaces can be reached. At Texas 6 Collision, we give you the opportunity to plan, ask questions, and help you understand the scope of work. Once we agree on the work and establish a timeline, you can relax with fewer fears of surprises and points of confusion. As a qualified collision shop, we address other body issues before applying new paint. If the surface isn't properly prepared by removing deep scratches, cuts that breach metal surfaces, and dents, the result will never be optimal. Also, while you need to get an appropriate value for the dollars you spend, understand that a quality paint job is not cheap. It will, however, increase your vehicle's value.

Painting Your Vehicle

Whether you're giving your ride an updated appearance or erasing the bad reminder of a fender bender, you should ensure that the shop you choose is reputable, qualified, and willing to spend the time necessary to produce a superior result. At Texas 6 Collision, we go above and beyond in our car painting services. First, it's important to use the best paint for the particular job. Only automotive paint should be applied to your car. The selected paint should then be matched to the rest of the vehicle. This is especially important when only a portion of the car is being painted. Any surface that isn't being painted should be masked (covered). Next, any areas needing sanding should be attended to and the resulting dust removed from the area. Primer (one or more coats) is then applied before the vehicle is again sanded. Following these initial steps, the topcoat paint is applied and coated with lacquer. Finally, the auto is buffed so that it will reveal a glossy, even finish. When you're ready to rejuvenate your car's appearance, visit Texas 6 Collision in Houston, Texas.

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