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If your vehicle has cracked or broken glass, don't take your safety for granted by ignoring it. Chipped or cracked windshields and windows actually increase your likelihood of having an accident due to reduced visibility or distraction in your line of sight. Or you risk greater damage or injury when a crash occurs because of the compromised structural integrity. At the first sign of auto glass damage, let the certified professionals at Texas 6 Collision in Houston, Texas, help. We’re easy to reach at 1630 Highway 6 South. Schedule your appointment online or by calling 832-850-6374.

Types and Purposes of Auto Glass

There are actually two kinds of glass used in most vehicles. The windshield is constructed from laminated glass. This means that there are two layers of glass fused together with a vinyl liner in between, which gives the car structure in a crash, particularly if there is a rollover. Side windows, on the other hand, are made of tempered glass, which shatter into many tiny fragments if broken, which can be important in collisions that prevent doors from opening. Either type must meet federal government standards, which requires a trained hand in auto glass repairs. There are a few common causes of damage. These include your vehicle being involved in a crash, being pelted by a rock(s) along the road, or becoming the victim of a storm. And while Murphy's Law reminds us that nearly anything can happen to our auto glass, you only need to know that our professionals are here to provide quality auto glass repair.

Repair or Replace?

Perhaps you've heard that there are options for windshield or auto glass repair. There are, but within certain limitations. So how do you know if you can safely repair the windshield or if you must replace it? The rule of thumb is that you can repair a chip that is no larger than the approximate size of a quarter or a crack that is no longer than six inches. That's about the length of a dollar bill. However, repair still may not be an option if the area is in the driver's direct forward view because you can sometimes notice the repaired spot. Also, it is not recommended that you repair a windshield with more than three chips. Finally, pits cannot be repaired because there is not an appropriate surface for bonding. The certified specialists at Texas 6 Collision in Houston, Texas, can help you evaluate the damage to your vehicle, determine which option will be best and safest for your car, and make all repairs.

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