Can you stop a crack?

Emergency Windshield Kit

Crack the Whip: Windshield Crack Options

Texas 6 Collision in Houston, Texas, recommends drivers carry a first aid kit equipped with many things: soap and a bottle of water, rubbing alcohol, a clean lint-free rag, superglue, glass cleaner, and clear nail polish when you’re on the road. If your windshield cracks on the road you can pull over and use your emergency kit to repair the windshield crack and still drive safely quickly.

If you’re scratching your head about nail polish I understand. We’re not doing a manicure or pedicure, we’re repairing a windshield crack. These emergency items will keep you safe until you come into Texas 6 Collision for a windshield repair or replacement.

Crack the Whip! Windshield Crack Options

The number one way to stop a crack from spreading is to call Texas 6 Collison and have the windshield repaired or replaced. If a crack occurs, please avoid direct sunlight and low or freezing temperatures. glass expands and contracts and a crack can easily spread. Below are quick remedies that will prevent the crack from spreading so you arrive home safe to call Texas 6 Collision.

The second option is a windshield repair kit should be your first choice in your bag of tricks. These kits can repair a minor crack quickly and get you safely to your location. These kits are not total repair kits, but they will get you out of a jam until you can call for a mobile windshield repair. If you’re handy and confident with your windshield repair skills go this route first.

The third option is nail polish is also a temporary fix to stop a windshield crack from spreading when you’re on the road. It’s difficult to remove from the windshield but if you need to get home or to your destination nail polish will prevent the crack from spreading. Once you’ve arrived at your destination it’s advised you call Texas 6 immediately to fix the crack correctly or replace the windshield.

The final option is super glue. Follow these simple steps to repair a crack in your windshield quickly: first, remove all debris with rubbing alcohol, soap and water or glass cleaner. Then, use the glue applicator and apply a small amount of glue to the crack. Use the tip of the applicator to spread the glue over the crack. Don’t use too much glue. Use your lint free or clean rag and remove any excess glue using light pressure to avoid the crack from spreading across your windshield.

Please remember that superglue and nail polish are both last resorts for a crack in your windshield. The residue is almost impossible to remove from the windshield, and a windshield repair may not be possible after applying superglue or nail polish.

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