Why not to wait to get your car repaired after a collision

My 62’ Ragtop

Bump on My Bumper

Once upon a time, in a city known as Los Angeles, I drove a 1962 Volkswagen Beetle Ragtop. It was an outstanding car for the beach and cruising with friends on Saturday nights. What I loved about this car was it could go forever on a tank of gas, and the girls adored her. A 1192 cc engine powered her, and the ragtop would open and extend to the backseat. Friends would stand up and poke their heads out of the ragtop, whistle at girls, turn up the radio and just have the time of their life.

On a gorgeous California night, an individual not paying attention to the road rear-ended my precious little bug, and that’s where the troubles began. The only visible damage was a slightly dented bumper, so I thought all was good and went about my business. There weren’t any thoughts of suing or pretending I was hurt; it was a simple traffic mistake, and I let it go without calling my insurance agent, my parents, or an ambulance for safety.

After the bump on the bumper to my 62’ ragtop, I noticed the ragtop started to rattle, and I found myself always adjusting the points with a matchstick. My father taught me this old trick after my white lie of a conversation to keep my bug running. My bug was never the same.
If you encounter a collision or accident, even a minor one, immediately call or have your vehicle taken to Texas 6 Collision in Houston, Texas, for a complete evaluation. The boys at Texas 6 Collision would have found the damages and prevented additional damages by recommending I not drive until a certified technician completed the necessary repairs. The technicians would have looked at the engine, the frame, the ragtop, and the entire vehicle, and they would have notified me of any severe damages. They would have asked if I knew the value of my bug and looked up my car’s value, asked if I talked to my insurance adjuster, or if I noticed anything different after the accident. That’s a mistake I will never make again.

My mistake was I didn’t call my insurance company, take her to Texas 6 Collision, or let my parents know. What I thought was a simple bump on my bumper turned out to be a more extensive and expensive repair. If you need an evaluation before or after an accident, make your first call to Texas 6 Collision.

Written by Developer Autoshop