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When you're ready to explore an option for easing the dents out of your auto, look no further than Texas 6 Collision in Houston, Texas. Our expertise and friendly service make us your go-to shop.

Why PDR?

The most important attributes of your vehicle are that it runs and that it's safe. However, the third characteristic that's likely a priority for you is your car's appearance. So what happens when you have an unsightly dent--or two? Chances are that you hate seeing the damage each time you get into or out of the car and see your hard-earned dollars going down the drain through decreased value. But did you know that there's an easy way out of the damage in some situations? That's right. For certain problems, paintless dent removal is the simplest and most cost-effective way to recover your auto's original beauty. If something unfortunate has happened to your ride, bring it to Texas 6 Collision to see if it's a good candidate for this method. You'll find us at 1630 Highway 6 South, Houston, Texas. Schedule your appointment today using our online tool or by calling 832-850-6374.

How It Works, Why It's Great

Reputable collision repair is labor-intensive. When time is added to parts and products, the final bill can be more expensive than you had planned. One way to hold down the cost is to purchase only the services you need. Extreme damage may require replacement of metal panels, necessitating proper fitting/adjustments, painting, etc. Even if the panel can be saved, traditional dent repair requires using bonding materials in a multi-step process and painting. If your dents fall within certain criteria, however, your car may be a candidate for paintless dent removal. Specifically, if the dent(s) is not too large (fairly small or perhaps wide, but not deep) and the paint is intact (still present, not cracked, and not sagging as if it has pulled away from the metal), ask if your auto can be repaired using the simpler method. If so, our collision specialists will use special tools to gently restore the impacted area to its original position without "stretching" the paint. This is great news for you in several ways. Your car will spend less time in the shop, you won't need to purchase new parts, you'll spend less on labor costs, and you won't even have to worry about a paint match. Imagine that--a lower bill, less time, and a lovely car! If your dent is too severe for this method or if it is in an unsuitable area such as a plastic bumper, we can still help you repair the damage by using other techniques.

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