Prepping for New Paint Service

Three Easy Steps!

A new paint job is the next best thing to having a new car. That new fresh coat and finish provide a luster that keeps you looking and feeling like a million bucks. The auto body service experts at Texas 6 Collision in Houston, TX are here to reverse any cosmetic damages to your vehicle’s body, including complete paint services. Since we’ve been providing top-notch paint services for years, we know exactly how to prepare vehicles to meet the highest standards for a full-body paint and finish. The following are three easy steps to prep your vehicle for paint service.


During this initial step, the thin layer of existing paint is carefully removed. To remove this layer, our paint service specialists apply a grating compound to the vehicle’s body. This provides the auto body with the necessary abrasive solution to complement a sanding tool. This is considered a preparation step but can also be used when completing a paint blending and body finishing.


Sanding is typically the next step, where the body of the vehicle is smoothed out, completely removing a thin layer of paint. Sandpaper can be used, as well as an electrical sander. This is left to professionals because it’s possible to accidentally sand away too many paint layers or even damage the vehicle’s body. Using very fine sandpaper and good technique will prevent paint service specialists from causing unnecessary damages. Our paint service experts are highly trained and experienced at all cutting and sanding services.


Once your vehicle’s body is properly cut and sanded, it’s ready for primer. Applying a coat of primer, maybe more than one is the final step in the prepping process before applying coats of paint. The primer contains resins that help provide a secure surface layer on the auto body for the new paint to bond. These layers also protect the body from rust and corrosion and add depth and shine to the finish.

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These three prepping steps for your vehicle’s paint job may seem simple, but auto body paint services are skills that take many years to perfect. If you have any questions or concerns about your vehicle’s paint job, then there’s no better place in Houston than Texas 6 Collision. Walk with us as we guide your vehicle to the pristine glow and smooth finish that you remember. Schedule an appointment with Texas 6 Collision in Houston, TX, for a quick but thorough consultation or a top-quality paint service.

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