Protecting Your Car’s Paint

Keep Your Vehicle Protected and Appealing

Cars are the closest possession to an extension of ourselves. A nice and clean look can say a lot about the owner. One of the biggest contributors to a car’s look is the paint job. Maintaining your paint can keep it looking like a new car, which not only gives you aesthetic appeal but also improves the value and protects your vehicle. You may think that the paint is such a thin layer that it couldn’t do much, but the metal beneath it is protected from rust and even dents by the paint. There are many reasons to preserve the painting on your car, truck, or SUV, so here are some ways to protect it.


One of the more popular methods of paint preservation is to put a layer of wax over the paint. The sun constantly heats the surface of your car, especially the roof, which can fade the color and evaporate layers of paint. There are professional wax products for cars and buffing on a layer or two will help to protect the paint as well as bring out the colors. To effectively protect your paint, it is recommended to apply a new layer of wax every 6 months.


You may think that how you drive your car helps to protect your paint, but it is actually more so how you park your car. When you think about it, most of the time your car is parked, so choosing where and when to park can be a big factor in preserving the paint. If you park your vehicle outside it can sit in the sun all day and over time the paint will be damaged. It is better to park inside a garage if you can, but if you can’t then you should find a shady spot to park. Since the sun rises in the east and sets in the west you should park in spots where the sun won’t be most of the time. So if you arrive in the morning and plan to leave before the afternoon, park on the west side. If you arrive in the afternoon and plan to stay into the evening, park towards the east.

Trees can provide good shade for your car during the afternoon, but elements that can fall on your car, like bird droppings, leaves, and tree sap, can damage your paint as well. You want to be careful about which trees you park under, or clean your car when it something does drop onto it.

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